Ben Stein is an attorney, an economist, a political writer, and a columnist, though his work on the television show “Win Ben Stein’s Money” would have most people believe otherwise. In fact, Stein is probably more well-known for his work in the mainstream media than he is for his work in the political spectrum. Born November 25, 1944 in Washington, D.C., Benjamin Stein has made the transition from attorney to political analyst and writer to game show host so effortlessly and easily that most involved with politics would probably laugh at the notion of him being a lawyer, while those who watch television might scoff at his ability to practice law.

Ben Stein Enters Politics

Ben Stein started his career in politics and law by writing the speeches delivered by U.S. President Richard Nixon in the 1970s. Throughout the remainder of his political career, Stein became involved in writing and communicating the art of politics to the rest of the world. He has written books on many different topics involved with politics and his support of the Republican Party has been well documented throughout his career. As a columnist, Stein has written for “The American Spectator,” as well as New York Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Barrons, and many, many other publications of political importance.

Ben Stein on the Silver Screen

Still, Ben Stein may be best known for his initial acting role in the Hollywood movie, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” where he delivers the infamous “Bueller? Bueller?” speech. Earlier in his political career, he had taught at American University and Pepperdine, but in “Ferris Bueller,” he played the role of a staunch and blasé teacher in high school. Finally, in 1997, Ben Stein was handed the keys to drive his own television game show on Comedy Central, now known as “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” which pits the wisdom and pearls of Stein against contestants vying to win some of his cash. Though the show ended airing in 2003, it continues to run re-runs on Comedy Central and won two Emmy awards before its end. Stein, both in Hollywood and in politics, Ben Stein has proved his ability to transcend typical stereotypes of lawyers and attorneys.