Ralph Nader has been discredited many times within his lengthy career, often being criticized for taking non-conventional stands on issues and refusing to budge. He has run for the presidency of the United States of America several times, often packing a faithful following and taking the place as the “official” third candidate on the Presidential ballot. Though he has never come even remotely close to possibly winning the presidency election, Ralph Nader’s illustrious career, which dates back to the 1960s, is earmarked by a series of events that has showcased his loyalty to the American people and his need to bring controversy to the forefront in American politics.

Nader Hits GM Where It Hurts

Ralph Nader was born 1934 in Winsted, CT, and he eventually graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School, but his true welcoming into the public came about in 1965 with his controversial book, “Unsafe At Any Speed.” In the book, Nader criticized General Motors and their car model Corvair, which he said was unsafe to drive and should be removed from the automobile market. GM responded by trying to discredit the word of Nader, which Nader replied to with an invasion of privacy lawsuit. Eventually, Nader got his way and GM admitted to their faults in the Corvair case before a Senate Committee – but the damage was already done and Ralph Nader’s name had crept up into the public spotlight.

Nader For President?

These days, Ralph Nader is the Green Party Presidential Candidate, where he has sponsored books by the likes of Action For A Change, Taming the Corporate Giant, and Verdicts on Lawyers, organizations that seek to bring about change in the corporate set-up of America. Nader maintains a solid name in the political spectrum of America by attempting to be the politician that citizens can trust to be the next President of the United States of America. Though he has had little chance of winning an election yet, Nader remains one of the more controversial figures in political America.