With a lawsuit emerging in the fall of 2004 (September 30), the manufacturer of Vioxx, Merck, was forced to remove the product from the drug market due to complications that were caused by the drug. Among a host of harmful side effects, Vioxx has been tested and proven to cause serious heart ailments when tested vigorously against other leading drug products on the market.

History of Vioxx’s Problems

Vioxx was created and distributed at the turn of the century to help those suffering with arthritis. However, further testing and studies has shown that Vioxx can be the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes within those using the product.

In 2001, the Food and Drug Administration released a letter to the general public notifying potential and current Vioxx users against the dangers involved with taking the drug. Still, Vioxx maintained that the drug caused no fatal side effects and continued to sell the Vioxx product within the drug market.

Following the lawsuit of 2004 against Merck due to the sale of Vioxx, those that have been immediately affected by the side effects of Vioxx, including heart attacks and other harmful effects, may contact a lawyer to speak on their behalf against the Vioxx product.

Anyone still currently using the Vioxx product should seek professional medical assistance immediately in order to find a substitute drug to take the place of Vioxx. Once off the drug, these Vioxx users can then contact special Vioxx lawyers who are specifically working against the Merck drug company and seeking compensation for those who were put in the way of danger due to the use of Vioxx.

What To Do If You Take Vioxx

If you or a family member is currently taking Vioxx or has taken Vioxx in the past, please contact a lawyer immediately to determine if you may be eligible to benefit from the lawsuit against Merck.